The Parable of the Farmer and the Seeds

In this session we are going to hear another parable that Jesus told, about a farmer who was sowing seeds. Some seeds grew and some didn't. Let’s watch the video to see what happened:


Story Video

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Time to Think and Pray


  • Have you ever planted any seeds and watched them grow?

  • If you have, did you plant them in a pot or in your garden?

  • Where did the man in our story scatter the seeds?

  • What stopped some of the man’s seeds from growing?

  • What happened to the seeds that fell on good soil?



In Jesus’ parable some of the seeds fall in places that stop them from growing. Some fall on the path and birds eat them up. Some fall on shallow, rocky soil where their roots can't go down deep; and some are wilted by the hot sun, or choked out by thorns. But some seeds fall on good soil and grow to produce a hundred times more seed than the farmer had in the beginning.

The seed in Jesus’ story is like the good news about Jesus. Some people hear it but don’t believe it so they never grow. They are like the seeds that fall on the path and are eaten by birds. Some people are like the seeds that fall on rocky soil. They hear and believe the good news but don't put down roots because they have problems in this life. They don’t last long and give up on following Jesus. Other people are like the seeds that fall among thorns. They hear and believe in Jesus but they are too busy worrying or wanting other things, so they don’t have time for Jesus. But some people are like the seeds that fall on good soil. They hear and believe God’s Word and give their lives to following Jesus. They grow to become God’s friends and do lots of good things for others, helping them to come to know him too.



Dear Lord, please help me to be like the seeds that fall on good soil. Help me to be your friend and to give my life to following you. Let me grow to be someone who does lots of good things for others, and helps them to come to know about you too. Amen.


This Week's Song: Speak Your Name





This Week's Crafts: Scarecrows, Paper Windmills; and Egg-Head Planters



You will need: Scissors; a glue-stick and a copy of the colour printable template. If you prefer to print the black & white template, you will also need pens or pencils to colour. Cut out your scarecrow parts and stick them together.



Paper Windmills

You will need: A piece of paper; pens or pencils; scissors; a pin; and a pencil with a rubber on top to fix your windmill to. If your pencil has no rubber you could use a small ball of blue tack or plasticine instead. Fold your paper into a square and cut off the excess. Decorate then cut and fold as directed HERE.

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Egg-Head Planters

You will need: Cress, chia or grass seeds; egg-shells; felt-tip pens (Sharpies or permanent pens are best); and an egg box or strips of thick paper or card to hold your planters once made. Follow the instructions HERE.

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