Bible Reading Help

Why Read the Bible?

  • The Bible is brilliant!

  • It is inspired by God and is utterly reliable and trustworthy.

  • It is through the Bible that we can get to know God and understand his purpose for our lives.

  • It deals with every experience in life and is full of human stories of love, hate, greed, loss, grief – and offers real insight about these things that will be around as long as people are.

  • It is vibrant and vital to our culture.

  • It is part of the answer to the world's needs.

  • It is cherished by billions of people around the world.

  • And it's more than a book...

We'd love you to explore the Bible for yourself and see what we mean, and to make reading the Bible a regular part of your time.

Here are some resources that we think may help:


Top Tips

Nothing grows well without feeding and nourishment!

Read the Bible every day or as often as you can! The more regular you make it, the more you will grow in your faith and be equipped for life’s ups and downs.

Get hold of a reliable and modern translation of the Bible that you can relate to. There are many good ones to choose from. We recommend the NIV translation which is used at St. James.

You can also read or listen to the Bible online at: Bible Gateway

Use Bible reading notes to help guide you through. They will help you to understand better what you read – its meaning and context and the characters involved, and how what you read may apply to us today – to our lives and those of our church family and society. This will help you grow in knowing God and in following him more closely.

Keep an eye out for books that may help give you an overall picture of the Bible – when, how and why it was written and how it fits together. An example is ‘Essential 100by Whitney T Kuniholm, which take you through the Bible in 100 readings from Genesis to Revelation.


Helps & Resources

WordLive from Scripture Union is a free, online guide, helping you meet with God devotionally - through the Bible. Each day uses a new Bible passage with fresh resources to refresh your quiet time with God. You can go on the website or download the app to your phone.

How do we know what God wants for us if we’re not listening? Daily Bible engagement is a great way of building our understanding of God, his plans for us, and how we become more like Christ.

Daily Bread & Encounter with God from Scripture Union are examples of good daily study notes which will enhance your regular Bible reading. You can order either of these through the Church. Please speak to Una Porter who will be happy to order them for you. Alternatively you can order them from your local christian bookshop, or direct from the website to be delivered to your home. You can also download the app.

Explore is an excellent series of dated daily Bible-reading notes from the Good Book Company to help you read, understand and apply the Word of God to everyday life. Again, visit your local Christian bookshop, or the website, to order your copy;  or download the app.

Solid Joys is a daily devotional app from the ministry of John Piper. These short but substantive readings aim to feed your joy in Jesus every day of the year. Visit the website or download the app.


Other sites you may find helpful include:

The Bible in One Year  

The Bible Society 'Explore the Bible'



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