New to St. James?

A very warm welcome to St. James!

We are very glad to welcome you to the church and hope you will quickly feel at home with us. Please do introduce yourself to those leading if we haven't met you already.

You won’t be handed lots of books as you walk in the door and there is no particular dress code. Just come as you are.

Our services are informal and contemporary with a mixture of modern songs and older hymns. The style can vary depending on the musicians involved and those leading the service, so you may want to come for a few weeks to get an idea of what our worship is like.

Children of all ages are very welcome and are considered an important part of the church family.

There are people available after the service to pray for anyone who has need. If you would find this helpful please make your way to the 'Prayer Corner' at the back left of the Church.

Refreshments are served after the service. Please do stay for a cuppa so we can get to know you.

If you would like to leave your details on a welcome form in the pew we will be glad to get in touch to tell you more about the church and to help you connect with others.

Our social media accounts give a good picture of life at St. James. Please use these links to follow what we do:


There is also a Members of St. James Facebook group for regular attenders to interact with each other and share prayer requests. Once you have decided to make St. James your home church please do request to join this group.


More about who we are

St James is a thriving community of local people of all ages who are discovering the abundant life and deep joy that come through following Jesus.

Our congregation covers a wide spectrum of ages, social and ethnic backgrounds, and stages on the journey of faith. We believe that having a personal relationship with God through Jesus is what life is all about and together we are learning what that means for our everyday lives.

We are an Evangelical church, which means two things. First, we believe that the Bible is God’s written Word and has supreme authority in all matters of faith and life. And second, we are committed to doing all we can to enable others to come to know God through faith in Jesus.

So, whether you are new to faith, or have been a Christian for many years, or wouldn’t yet call yourself a Christian but would like to explore what it means, you will find a home at St James.

Do contact us if we can be of any more help to you.