The Parable of the Unforgiving Servant

In this session we are going to hear another parable that Jesus told. This Bible story is about a servant who owed a lot of money to his King but he didn’t have the money the pay him. Let’s watch the video to see what happens:


Story Video

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Time to Think and Pray



  • How much money did the servant owe the King?

  • How did the servant feel when the King let him go without paying?

  • What did the King do to punish the servant for having the other man arrested?

  • Why should we forgive other people?




The servant owed the King one million pounds but he didn’t have the money to pay him back. He begged the King to give him more time and the King took pity on him, cancelled the amount he owed, and let him go! The servant then went to another servant who owed him money, but when that servant begged for more time, he didn’t forgive him. Instead he had him arrested and thrown into jail until he could pay him! When the King heard what the servant did, it made him angry! He had the servant put into jail because he did not forgive the other man like the King had done for him.

God is like this King! None of us are perfect and we all do wrong things every day. But no matter what we have done, if we are truly sorry, God will always forgive us! Because God forgives us when we say sorry, he wants us to forgive other people when they do wrong things to us. If we forgive other people, we are being more like Jesus.


Prayer: Dear Lord, thank you that if we say sorry for something we have done wrong, you will always forgive us. Please help us to forgive other people just as you forgive us. Amen.



This Week's Song: Hosanna Rock





This Week's Crafts: Money Boxes and Snappers


Money Box

You will need: Colouring pens or pencils; scissors; a glue stick; and a copy of the printable template from

Colour the money box and cut it out along the lines. Fold the tabs at the sides and fold together into a cube shape. When you know where the top of your box is going to be, cut a small rectangular-shaped hole, big enough to put money through. Glue your sides together. Collect coins inside and give the money to a charity of your choice this week!

Template from:

Craft from:



You will need: Sturdy cardboard; scissors; a rubber band; a glue stick; sellotape; coloured pens or pencils; and a copy of the printable template.

Print out a copy of the template. Cut two equal-sized rectangle shapes from sturdy cardboard. They should be just a bit bigger than one of the Bible verse squares on the printable template. Put both cardboard rectangles flat down and use sellotape to stick the short sides together. It’s important to leave a little gap between the two pieces of card to ensure they can fold closed (Reference A).

Cut little slits at the other end of the long sides of the cardboard, about 1.5 centimetres in (Reference B). Both sides need to be equally measured so they line up when you fold your two pieces of card together.

Colour and cut out your two Bible verse squares from the printable template. Stick the first on one of the cardboard pieces and the second on the other. Fold your cardboard pieces together and hook your rubber band around the slits. Your snapper is now ready!

To use it, carefully open your folded cardboard and turn it inside out. Hold it tight as you put it down on a flat surface, step back and watch it snap! Be very careful not to stand too close and don't bend over your snapper as it spings to protect your eyes. Watch this video for an example. How high can yours go?






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