Jesus Heals a Blind Man

In the last story we heard that Jesus chose 12 men to be his disciples. These men included Peter and his brother, Andrew. Jesus' disciples followed him and learned from him so they could help him teach people about God too. Jesus started doing lots of miracles. A miracle is something that is so amazing, it’s not normally possible! But nothing is impossible for God! He is the only one who can perform miracles! In this session, Jesus helps a man who was born blind. Let’s watch the video to see what happened:


Story Video:

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Time to Think and Pray


  • What did Jesus do to make the man see again?

  • How did the man feel when he realised he could see?

  • What did the man do when Jesus told him that he was the Son of God?



Jesus did so many miracles while he was on earth! He turned water into wine, he healed people of their sickness and even brought people back from the dead! In today’s story, Jesus met a man who had been blind his entire life. Jesus wanted to help him see! So he spat on the ground and made some mud with his hands. He put this mud on the man’s eyes and told him to go and wash it off. When he did, he could see! This seemed like a very strange thing to do but Jesus knew exactly what he was doing and wanted to show just how powerful God is so that more people would believe in him. The man was so happy to finally be able to see! He went around the town telling everyone what Jesus had done! At first people didn’t believe him because they thought it was impossible. But nothing is impossible for God! God can do anything! The man thanked Jesus and praised and worshipped him when Jesus revealed that he was the Son of God.

God is amazing! God can do miracles in our lives too if we believe and trust in him. We need to remember to thank Jesus for the good things he does for us too and to praise him even when things might not go the way we want them to.


Prayer: Dear Lord, thank you that nothing is impossible for you! Please help us to follow and trust you every day and to remember to give you the praise and thanks that you deserve. Amen.


This Week's Song: Shine!





This Week's Crafts: Blind Man Healed Mask and Chocolate ‘Mud’ Playdough


Blind Man Healed Mask

You will need: White card, a lolly stick, glue, scissors, colouring pens or pencils, and a copy of the printable template.

Print a copy of the template on white card and colour both faces and two bandages. (If you dont have card you could print your template on paper and then stick it to the back of a cereal packet).Cut the pieces out out and stick the two bandages on the eyes of the sad face. On the back of one of the faces, stick the top of the lolly stick half way from the bottom, so that there is enough for you to comfortably hold. Then stick the backs of both faces together, with the lolly stick in the middle. Now you can hold the lolly stick and flip the mask from blind to healed!

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Chocolate ‘Mud’ Playdough

You will need: 2 cups of plain flour, ½ cup of table salt, ½ cup of cocoa powder, 1 and ½ cups of hot water, 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil and ½ teaspoon of vanilla extract (optional).

Mix all the ingredients together in a large mixing bowl. Mix well until it starts to form a ball. Let it cool and then put it onto a clean counter and knead until it forms dough. If it’s too sticky, add a sprinkle more flour! Have fun with your delicious smelling playdough!

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