Joseph and His Coat

In the previous session we learnt that Isaac and Rebekah became husband and wife and had twin boys named Jacob and Esau. When Jacob grew up, God changed his name to Israel. Israel (Jacob) married a woman called Rachel and they had twelve sons! In this session, we are going to learn about one of their sons, Joseph. Joseph was his dad’s favourite son and he gave him something special to wear. Let’s watch the video to see what happened:


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Time to Think and Pray


  • What special gift did Israel give to Joseph?

  • Why were Joseph’s brothers angry? 

  • What were Joseph’s dreams about?

  • When the brothers sold Joseph, which country was Joseph taken to?



Israel (also named Jacob) loved Joseph very much and he gave him a new coat to show how special he was to him. This made Joseph’s brothers angry. They were jealous of Joseph because he was their dad’s favourite son.

Joseph had some special dreams from God. In the dreams Joseph's family were bowing down to him.  This made his brothers even angrier and they wanted to get rid of Joseph.  Some of them were so angry they wanted to kill him but Reuben wanted to save him and suggested that they should throw Joseph into the well. So they attacked Joseph and took his special coat. They threw him in the well, and then sold him to some travellers who were passing by. They then took his coat back to their Dad, Israel, and lied to him, telling him that Joseph had died. What an awful thing to do! Israel was so upset because he had lost his favourite son. Joseph was taken to Egypt, where he became a slave in the house of an important man named Potiphar.

Some very bad things happened to Joseph but God was always with him. God loved Joseph very much and had amazing plans for him! When we are going through hard or sad times, we can remember that God loves us so much too and is always with us, even if it doesn’t feel like it. We can always pray to him and ask him for help when we need it. God loves to help us. We’ll hear more about Joseph’s story next week!


Prayer: Dear Lord, Thank you that you love us very much and that when we go through hard times, you are still with us. Please help us to ask you for help when we need it. Amen.


This Week's Song: Creator God





This Week's Crafts: Joseph’s Coat Bookmarks and Joseph Biscuits


Joseph's Coat Bookmarks

You will need: A piece of card or a cereal packet; colouring pens or pencils; a glue stick; scissors and a copy of the printable template.

Print a copy of the template on white paper and colour in the two parts of the bookmark. Cut out the two pieces and glue the coat to the top of the Bible verse. Stick your bookmark to a piece of card or to the back of a cereal packet. Cut it out, leaving a small border around the edge. Use your new bookmark in the book you are reading or in your Bible!

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Joseph Biscuits

You will need: Assorted biscuits (oreos, chocolate fingers etc), assorted sweets (fizzy belts, jelly tots etc), icing sugar and water.

Mix icing sugar with a little water to make some icing to stick your sweets to the biscuits. Use a medium sized round biscuit for Joseph’s head (any cream sandwich biscuits will work) and long biscuits such as chocolate fingers for his arms and legs. Use any kind of sweets you have to create his colourful coat (fizzy belts work perfectly!). Use sweets to make his face. See the photo for an idea of how to make your Joseph Biscuit. Alternatively, you could also use a gingerbread man and coloured icing tubes. Have fun!







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