Joseph and the Promised Land

In the previous session we saw Joseph reunited with his brothers after many years. His brothers said sorry for the awful things they had done to him and Joseph forgave them. In this session we are going to hear the last part of Joseph’s story. Let’s watch the video to see what happened:


Story Video:

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Time to Think and Pray


  • How do think Joseph felt when he saw his father again?

  • Where did Joseph live with all of his family after they were reunited?

  • How long did Joseph live for?



After so many years, Joseph was finally reunited with his father, who was so happy to see his son again! Pharaoh let Joseph and his whole family live together in one of the best parts in Egypt, and Joseph lived to the ripe old age of 110!

Joseph went through many hard times in his life but God was always with him and had great plans for him! Because Joseph followed and trusted God, God helped him and brought his family back together again. God worked through Joseph’s hard times and created good things from them. If Joseph’s brothers hadn’t sold him as a slave, Joseph would never have been taken to Egypt where he ended up saving the lives of many people and animals in the famine!

God has great plans for us too! If we follow God, when we go through difficult times, he will always be with us and will help us through them. All we need to do is trust and believe in him.

Joseph told his brothers all about the Promised Land that God was preparing for his family. God’s people were going to go through some hard times before they could live there and God was preparing a man named Moses to help them. We are going to hear about Moses in our next session!


Prayer: Dear Lord, thank you that if we follow you, you are always with us. Thank you that you have really great plans for us. Please help us to trust you with our lives. Amen.


This Week's Song: Our God is a Great Big God





This Week's Crafts: Photo Frames and Pyramids


Photo Frames

You will need: white card or paper, colouring pens or pencils, scissors and a copy of the printable template.

Print out a copy of the template and colour and decorate the frame and words. Draw or stick a photo of yourself in the middle. Cut your frame out and put it in a place where you will see it often to remind yourself that God has good plans for you!




You will need: white card or paper, colouring pens or pencils, scissors, a glue stick and a copy of the printable template.

Print a copy of the template and decorate the underside. Follow the instructions to make your Egyptian pyramid!

Craft by:






Printer Printable Version