Moses and the Exodus

In the last session, we learned that God appeared to Moses in a burning bush and told him to go back to Egypt. God was sending him to tell Pharaoh to let his people, the Israelites, go. Moses didn’t want to do this but God wouldn't take no for an answer! God sent Moses’ brother, Aaron, along with him to help him. In this session we are going to see what happened when Moses and Aaron returned to Egypt. Let’s watch the video to see what happened:


Story Video:

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Time to Think and Pray


  • What did Moses’ snake do to the magician’s snakes?

  • Can you name 3 of the plagues that God sent on Egypt?

  • What amazing miracle did God do to help the Israelites cross the Red Sea?



Moses and Aaron went to see Pharaoh many times to give him God’s message, “Let my people go!” But Pharaoh’s heart was hard and he said, "No" every time. God showed his power by turning Moses’ staff into a snake but Pharaoh’s magicians did the same thing using magic. But God’s power is so much greater than the magician’s magic so Moses’ snake ate up the other two snakes! Because Pharaoh still wouldn’t obey God and let the Israelites go, God showed his power by sending 10 plagues on the land of Egypt. Some of these plagues included frogs, locusts and complete darkness! Finally after the last plague, Pharaoh gave in. He told Moses and Aaron to take the Israelites and leave. But as they started on their journey towards the Red Sea, Pharaoh changed his mind and commanded his army to go after them! God told Moses to hold his staff over the water and something amazing happened! The waves of the Red Sea parted! This meant that the Israelites could walk through the middle of the sea and were safe from Pharaoh and his army. The Israelites had been saved by God’s amazing power!

God was with his people. He heard their cries for help and answered their prayers. Just as God sent Moses to save his people the Israelites, God had a plan to send his Son, Jesus, to save us! We’re going to hear more about God’s amazing plan to save us in a couple of weeks’ time when we start to learn about the Christmas story!


Prayer: Dear Lord, thank you that you are with us always and that you hear our prayers, just as you heard the Israelites’ cries for help. Thank you that you had a great plan to send Jesus to save us. Please help us to trust in you and your amazing power. Amen.


This Week's Song: All Through History





This Week's Crafts: Pop-Up Frog and Bugs


Pop-Up Frog

You will need: Scissors, a glue stick, a piece of card or paper, colouring pens and a copy of the printable template (found at the very bottom of this link). Colour the template and follow the instructions at artforkidshub to make your pop-up frog!




You will need: A copy of the printable template, scissors, colouring pens or pencils and glue or sellotape. If you want your bugs to have legs you will need a pipe cleaner, some wool or little strips of paper. 

Colour the bugs and cut them out. If you want legs use glue or sellotape to stick them to the back. If you have stickers, sequins or glitter you could use them to decorate your bugs. Shiny paper makes a great addition to wings! Be creative!






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