Paul the Missionary

We have been learning about a man named Paul in the Bible who believed in Jesus and became the first ever missionary. In this session we are going to think a bit more about Paul and about what it means to be a missionary. Let's watch the video to recap Paul's adventurers with Jesus:


Story Video

Video by Crossroads Kids Club 


Time to Think and Pray



  • How did Paul change in the beginning of our story?

  • What did Paul spend all his time doing after he met Jesus?

  • What was the good news Paul was telling people?

  • What bad things happened to Paul on his travels?

  • Did Paul stop telling people about Jesus when bad things happened to him?

  • Why do you think he carried on?



After Paul believed in Jesus he became a missionary. A missionary is someone who is called by God to travel to other countries to tell people about Jesus.  Sometimes they will do another job in that place too ie: they may be a nurse, a builder or a teacher. but their main purpose will be to share the good news about Jesus with others.  In Paul's day there were so many people who had never heard about Jesus that Paul wanted to tell them all. He was the first ever missionary and made many journeys, travelling throughout Turkey, Cyprus, Greece and Italy. He spent around 30 years telling people about Jesus and helping them to follow Him. There are still many people in the world today who have never heard the good news about Jesus and God still calls people to become missionaries today. It can be a hard to be a missionary. Missionaries may have to learn another language. They may work long hours and may find it hard being away from home and from their family. They may have very little money, and like Paul they may face danger in the country where they are working. God wants us to pray for missionaries and to support them in every way we can. Do you know any missionaries? Here are a couple of examples of people who are missionaries today:


Alun and Debbie Burt and their family

Alun and Debbie used to live in England where they were a part of St. James church family. They left England to go as missionaries to South Africa where they now work in a church in a very poor area helping people to hear and follow Jesus and know how much He loves them. They also help children who have no parents to be adopted into loving families.

Can you find South Africa on the MAP?


Lana Vasquez

Lana is from America. She left home at the age of 18 to work as a missionary in Thailand where she rescues children in poor communities who are in danger and have no-one to care for them. She takes them to live in a safe place where they will be loved and will learn the good news about Jesus.

Can you find Thailand on the Map?


Prayer: Dear Lord, thank you for the good news about Jesus who loved us and died for us. Please be with missionaries like Alun, Debbie and Lana in other countries who are trying to help needy people who don't know about You. Please keep them safe and help them and may many people come to know Jesus because of their work for you. Amen


Check out the Missionary Worksheet below:



This Week's Song: All Through History



This week's Crafts: Giant Feet; 3D Paper Hearts or Good News Crosses


Giant Feet

In Isaiah 52 verse 7 the Bible tells us that God thinks the feet of those who travel to tell others the good news about Jesus are beautiful! He loves it when we tell others about Him. So how about making some giant feet?

You will need: Two pieces of cardboard from an old cardboard box; some shoe laces or string; scissors or a knife (for adult use only) and marker pens.

Stand on the cardboard and draw around your feet with a pen keeping a wide margin. Mark either side of where your real feet will stand and then step off and have an adult punch holes for the laces to go through. You're done!

Image by


3D Paper Hearts

As the good news of Jesus is all about how much God loves us, how about making some 3D paper hearts?

You will need: A copy of the printable template from; pens or pencil to colour; a stapler; and a pair of scissors. If you cannot print you can draw your own hearts. Make one heart and draw around it to make sure your hearts are all the same size.

Colour your hearts; cut them out and staple them together.

Image by


Good News Crosses 

Jesus is good news so how about making a good news cross!

You will need: A sheet of newspaper; scissors; colouring pens or some coloured paper; a gluestick; and a copy of the printable template on card if you need it.

Cut out a cross shape on card or thick paper (use the template if you need it). Draw around it onto a piece of newspaper. Cut the newspaper cross out and either stick it straight onto your base cross or cut it into squares and cover the base cross with them. Now colour your heart or cut it out on coloured paper. Write on it 'Jesus is Good News!' or 'Spread the Good News!'

Credit: Image and idea to: Allison Durkin 





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