In this session we are going to be learning about prayer. Prayer is talking to God, and the Bible is full of true stories about people who prayed to God in different ways. Let’s watch the video and find out more:


Story Video

Video by Crossroads Kids Club 


Time to Think and Pray



  • Why does God want us to talk to him?

  • What did the people in today’s Bible video pray about?

  • Why do you think we should praise God?

  • What kind of things do we need to say ‘Sorry’ to God for?

  • Do you ever ask God for help like Hannah did?

  • Why should we listen and obey God even when we don’t feel like it?

  • Do you ever pray to God?


When he was having a really tough time, Jehoshaphat praised God because he knew God was powerful and would rescue him; and God did! David said ‘Sorry’ to God for the wrong things he had done and God forgave him. Hannah asked God for a baby as this was what she wanted more than anything, and God answered her prayer! When he was older her little boy, Samuel heard God speaking to him and listened. He loved and obeyed God his whole life. These are all great ways for us to pray too!

God wants you to talk to him because he loves you so much. Even though he created the whole world he wants to have a relationship with you! This means he wants you to be his friend. When you talk to God and listen to what he says you get to know him better and grow closer to him. You don’t need to use special words when you pray, and you don’t need to kneel down. You can talk to God anywhere, at any time, no matter what you are doing. God loves it when you talk to him. What could you pray about today?



Dear Lord, Thank you that you love me so much and want me to be your friend. Please help me to remember to pray to you every day so that I can get to know you better. Thank you that you always hear me when I talk to you. Amen


This Week's Song: I Will Pray (Yancey)


Selection of Colouring Sheets 




This Week's Crafts: Prayer Cards, Spinners, and Door Hangers


Prayer Cards

You will need: Scissors, colouring pens or pencils; a bag or an envelope to keep your cards in; and a copy of the printable Children's-Prayer-Card from Colour your cards and cut them out. Now take turns pulling one out of the bag or envelope and say a prayer of that kind.

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'I Can Pray' Spinner

You will need: Scissors, colouring pens or pencils; a stapler or paper fastener to hold your spinner together (or pin it to a noticeboard if you have one); and a copy of the printable template from Colour the circles; cut them out and clip them together. Spin this craft to remind yourself of all the different situations you can be in when you pray to God.

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'I’m Praying' Door Hanger

You will need: Scissors, colouring pens or pencils; and a copy of the Praying Door Hanger template from https://biblecraftsforyourkiddos on card. If you can't print on card you could stick it to the inside of a cereal packet after you have finished making it. Colour your door hanger and cut it out. Go to your bedroom to pray quietly to God. Place your door hanger on the outside door handle to let people know that’s what you are doing.

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