We have been learning that God made a perfect world for us to live in, but it was spoiled by the wrong things we do. Because of this we could not be friends with God or live with him forever. But God had an amazing plan to save us. He sent Jesus to die and rise again so that we can be forgiven! But that's not the end! Jesus is going to return one day and God is going to re-create the world to make everything new so that we can live with him forever! Let’s watch today's story:


Story Video

Video by Crossroads Kids Club 


Time to Think and Pray



  • What good things about our world today do you enjoy?

  • What bad things about our world today make you sad?

  • What will God’s new perfect world be like?

  • What things will never happen there?

  • What will the city be like in God’s perfect world?

  • Who will rule as king?

  • Who will get to live there with God forever?

  • What are you most looking forward to in God's new perfect world?


At the very end of the Bible, in the book of Revelation, we learn that one day God will re-create the world and make it perfect – just as it was in the very beginning. There will be no sickness or sadness or death, and nothing bad will ever happen there. Jesus will rule as our king forever in that beautiful sparkling city that God’s angel showed to John. All those who love and follow Jesus will have new bodies that never get sick and they will live with God forever in that wonderful place where everyone will always be full of joy!


Prayer: Dear Lord, Thank you that one day you will return and make everything perfect. Thank you that everyone who loves and follows you will live with you forever, and it will be wonderful! Amen


This Week's Song: Glory and Honour (Doug Horley)


Colouring Sheets (choice of two)




This Week's Crafts: Paper Lions and 3D Paper Tulips


Paper Lion

The Bible tells us that in God’s perfect new world lions will not hurt anyone. In fact it says that lions and baby calves will play together! (Isaiah 11:6)

To make a lion you will need: A copy of the printable lion template from; pens or pencils to colour; scissors and a glue stick. Colour the pieces; cut them out and stick them together.


Image by:


3D Paper Tulips

God’s perfect new world will be a re-creation of that wonderful garden that God made for Adam and Eve in the very beginning.

To make these pretty 3D flowers you will need: Copies of the paper tulip flower craft template from (one template makes one flower); a piece of paper to stick your flowers to; pens or pencils if you plan to colour your flowers; scissors and a glue stick. This craft will work best of you can print the template on coloured paper, but if printing on white then colour the flowers on both sides before cutting out, or make white tulips.

Watch the video to see how to make these beautiful 3D tulips.


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