The Bible

In this session we are going to learn about God’s special book The Bible. Why is it so special? Let’s watch the video and find out:


Story Video

Video by Crossroads Kids Club 



Time to Think and Pray



  • What is your favourite book? Why do you like it so much?

  • The Bible is the most special book of all. Why do you think that is?

  • What kinds of things does the Bible contain?

  • The Bible is in two parts. Can you remember what they are called?

  • What does the Old Testament tell us about God?

  • What does the New Testament tell us about Jesus?

  • Do you ever read The Bible? Maybe you have a book of Bible stories that you read?



The Bible isn’t just one big book. It is a whole library of books - 66 books in all! The Bible is very special because it is inspired by God. This means that God himself was showing people what to write down so that we could read what he wants to say to us. The Bible is full of true stories; songs; poems; letters; and even dreams. The Bible is in two parts – the Old Testament teaches us all about God and how much He loves us. The New Testament teaches us about Jesus, our Rescuer, who was perfect and died to save us. It also tells us about the future when Jesus will return to make everything new! The Bible says lots of things about itself. It says it is a lamp to show us the way to go. It is a sword that protects us. It is a mirror that shows us when we do something wrong. It is real treasure! The Bible is God’s way of speaking to us. It teaches us how to live our lives to stay close to God. Everything written in the Bible is true and God wants us to read it so that we will come to know Him better.


Prayer: Dear Lord, thank you for giving us your Word, The Bible. Thank you that all the words in it are written by you and are true. Please help me to read it so that I will come to know you better and stay close to you. Amen.


This Week's Song: Praise the Lord Every Day (Yancey)


Colouring Sheets 




This Week's Crafts: Swords and Scrolls


Make a Sword

You will need: Card from half a cereal box; a copy of the printable sword template from (there are two options); a glue stick; scissors; pens to colour; tin foil (optional) and coloured paper or decorations if you have any. 

Colour the handles of both sword printables and cut them out. Glue one to a piece of card from a cereal packet and cut it out again. Now glue the other half of the sword to the back. Now decorate your sword. If you chose to print the plain sword you could cover the blade with tin foil to make it look shiny!

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Make a Scroll

In Bible times people didn’t have books as we do today. Instead they wrote things down on scrolls.

To make your own scroll you will need a piece of paper and two cardboard rolls (straws, skewers or pencils would work well too). One will stick to the top and one to the bottom to unroll your scroll. You may also like to use a piece of ribbon, string or wool to tie up your scroll when it is finished.

Roll up your piece of paper tightly. To make your paper look old you may like to paint it with water or tea and let it dry before you roll it up. If not you could colour it with a yellow or light brown pencil or crayon. Next glue a cardboard roll (or straw, skewer or pencil) to the top and roll the paper down over it, and do the same at the bottom. Now roll your scroll up and tie it with ribbon or string/wool. What story will you write in your secret scroll?

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