The Good News

We have been learning about the apostle Paul who travelled everywhere telling people the Good News about Jesus. In this session we are going to think a bit more about this 'Good News'.  Let’s watch the story to see what it was that Paul was telling everyone about:


Story Video

Video by Crossroads Kids Club 


Time to Think and Pray



  • When God first made the world what was it like?

  • What did Adam and Eve do wrong?

  • How did this change their relationship with God?

  • What bad things came into the world because of their sin?

  • We all do wrong things too don't we? What kind of things do we do that aren't good?

  • Who did God send to rescue us? What did He do?

  • Why is this Good News?



In the beginning God created everything, and all that He made was perfect and good. But the first people, Adam and Eve disobeyed God. Because of this they had to leave the garden and couldn’t live with God or be close to Him anymore. And because of their sin; sickness and sadness now came into the world. How sad. After Adam and Eve everyone who ever lived on the earth did wrong things too and continued to disobey God’s rules, including us. This makes God sad as He wants us to be close to Him and to live with Him forever.

But God had a special plan. He would send a rescuer to save us. Jesus! When Jesus died on the cross He was punished for the wrong things we have done. He took the blame so we that we can be forgiven. And He came alive again to show that it is really true that God can make everything new.  One day Jesus will return and everyone who loves Him will get to live with Him in heaven, that perfect world, forever! This certainly is Good News and everyone who believes it and has been forgiven by God will be saved!


Prayer: Dear Lord Jesus, Thank you for dying on the cross to save me so that I can know you as my friend and live with You forever in heaven. Please forgive me for the wrong things I have done. Help me to love you more each day and to live my life to please You. Amen.


This Week's Song: For God So Loved the World (The Rizers)


Colouring Sheets (choice of two)




This week's Crafts are based on the 'Wordless Book' (see details below)

You could use the five colours to make a wordless book; a paper aeroplane; or a bookworm – or to create your own ideas! Do send us a picture of what you created as we would love to see it.


Aeroplane by:  

The Wordless Book is a little book of coloured pages that tells the story of the Good News about Jesus. Each page's colour reminds us of part of the story. To make a craft using these colours you will need: yellow, red, black, white, and green paper. If you don’t have coloured paper you could colour your own with colouring pens or pencils. Alternatively you can use wool, beads or anything else you have in these colours to create your own craft idea! 

Here are the colours and what they represent:

Yellow: The yellow page reminds us of heaven - a beautiful, perfect, safe, happy place where Jesus friends get to live with Him forever.

Black: The black page reminds us of the wrong things that Adam and Eve, and we all do that stop us from being God’s friends and living in heaven with Him.

Red: The red page reminds us of Jesus blood. When Jesus died on the cross He was punished for the wrong things we have done so that we can be forgiven.

White: The white page reminds us that when we say ‘Sorry’ to God he forgives us completely and washes us clean so that we can be close to Him again.

Green: The green page reminds us of things that grow. We need to grow as followers of Jesus.  We do this by praying to him, reading The Bible, obeying God in the way we live, and by going to church and clubs to learn more about him.





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