The Parable of the Great Banquet

When Jesus was on earth he told short stories to help people understand more about God. These stories are called parables. One day Jesus went to a pharisee’s house. Pharisees thought they were important. They only invited important people to their houses, as they were hoping that these people would invite them back. Jesus told them that God would be far more pleased with them if they invited poor people who couldn’t pay them back. Then Jesus told them a story about a man who planned a great party! Let’s watch the video to find out what happened:


Story Video

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Time to Think and Pray


  • Have you ever planned a party? Did your party have a theme?

  • What did you do at your party? Who did you invite?

  • How would you feel if on the day of your party nobody came?

  • What kind of party was the man in Jesus’ story planning?

  • What excuses did people give for not coming on the day?

  • How did the man feel? What did he do instead?



In Jesus’ story a man had planned a great banquet. A banquet is a big party with an amazing feast! He invited lots of people and they all said they would come, but when the time came they all made up excuses. Other things were more important to them.

Jesus told this story to remind the pharisees that God wants us all to be in heaven with him. The man in our story is like God. God has planned an amazing place for us – heaven – and it is going to be a wonderful celebration! God has invited everyone, including those who are poor, and  blind or lame. Jesus mentions them because the pharisees didn’t care about these people and thought they weren’t important to God. But they were wrong. God loves everyone very much and in Jesus’ story it is these people who end up going to the party!

God loves us all and wants everyone to follow him and live with him forever in heaven. However, although lots of people will hear about Jesus, not everyone will love Jesus enough to follow him with their lives. Some people will make excuses because they don’t want to obey what God says in the Bible, or because think that other things are more important than praying to God. Will you follow Jesus with your whole heart and make him the most important person in your life?



Dear God, Thank you for the amazing celebration you have prepared for us in heaven! We can’t wait to go there! Please help us to accept your invitation by making you the most important person in our lives. Please help us to love and follow you always. Amen


This Week's Song: Speak Your Name





This Week's Crafts: Heaven Party Invites; Paper Pizzas; and Party Hats


Heaven Party Invites

You will need: Colouring pens or pencils; scissors; a glue stick and a copy of the printable template from

Print the template pages separately. Colour the invites on page 1 and cut around the outside of the outline box. Fold in half and cut down the centre to make two invites. Now cut out the two verse boxes on page 2 and stick these inside your invites.

Give one to everyone in your family to let them know they are invited to heaven by Jesus! You could also write things you know about heaven inside the invite to show how great it will be (ie: streets of gold; sparkling jewels; Jesus will be king; no more fighting or sickness, or sadness, or dying!)

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Paper Pizza

No party is complete without a pizza! Why not plan your own pretend party and invite your family to come along? You could also make some party hats (see below)

You will need: Colouring pens or pencils; scissors; a glue stick; and a copy of the printable pizza template.

Print the template and lightly colour the edges of your pizza base. A pale yellow or brown pencil or crayon may be best for this. Don’t forget to draw some tomato sauce in the centre! Colour your toppings (there are two pages, one with simple shapes for younger children which are easier to cut out). Cut out your toppings out and stick them to the base. Your pizza will need cheese, so if you have some yellow or white paper cut some thin snippets and add to your finished design!


Party Hats

You will need: Colouring pens; scissors; elastic/string/ribbon; sellotape; a glue stick and a copy of the Printable Party Hat Template (under the heading: 'How to make your own DIY party hat'). This craft will work best if you can print it on thick paper, or stick it on to card. If you have any decorations; tinsel; stickers; or tissue to make streamers, then these could help make your party hat a little bit special.

Print the template and colour your own design. Cut it out and stick to a piece of card or thick paper (if needed). For a coloured version, cut out the template and use the shape to draw around on coloured or patterned paper (ie: wrapping paper). Then stick this to card if necessary. Connect the two sides of your hat and stick them down with sellotape. Affix elastic, string or ribbon with sellotape too, if you have them.

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