Jesus Calls Peter

In the last session we learned that Jesus was tempted to do wrong things just like we are, but he never did anything wrong! Jesus is God and he needed to be perfect so that he could save us from our sins. In this session we are going to learn about when Jesus decided to choose some people to follow him and be his disciples. Let’s watch the video to see what happened:


Story Video:

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Time to Think and Pray


  • What was Peter’s name before Jesus changed it?

  • What job did Peter and his brother, Andrew, do?

  • What do you think a disciple does?

  • In all, how many people did Jesus choose to be his disciples?



Jesus decided to call 12 men to be his disciples. These ‘disciples’ were students, followers and close friends of Jesus. They would eventually be the ones to carry on teaching everyone about Jesus after Jesus had gone back into heaven. This was a very important job! Simon Peter and his brother Andrew were both fishermen before they became Jesus’ disciples. They had heard about Jesus and the amazing things he had done and decided to leave everything to follow him!

Jesus’ disciples were not special or perfect people – they had done wrong things just like we have. But Jesus chose them. And Jesus chooses us too! Jesus wants us to follow him and learn more about him just like his disciples did. He also wants us to tell other people about him so that more people can become his friends. Who could you tell about Jesus today?


Prayer: Dear Lord, thank you that we can watch these true stories from the Bible and learn more about you and your amazing love for us! Please help us to follow you every day just like your disciples did. Amen.


This Week's Song: I Love You





This Week's Crafts: Fish Bowl and Pipe-Cleaner Fish


Fish Bowl

You will need: A copy of the fish template, colouring pens or pencils, a paper plate or copy of the fish bowl template, scissors, glue, coloured tissue paper (optional), paint (optional), coloured pebbles (optional). 

Print out a copy of the fish template on orange paper (or print on white paper and colour in orange) and cut them out. Paint or colour in the paper plate or fish bowl and decorate with coloured tissue paper, small pebbles or any other decorations you have. Stick on your fish to complete your bowl.

Alternatively, follow the instructions on First Palette to make your gold fish using foam and cotton wool.

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Pipe-cleaner Fish

You will need: A pipe-cleaner, colourful beads, scissors, a glue stick, colouring pens or pencils and a copy of the printable template.

Print and colour a copy of the template, cut out the strip and fold at the middle line, making sure the words are on the outside. Thread some colourful beads into the middle of the pipe-cleaner. Cross over the two ends of the pipe-cleaner and twist the middle point a few times so it is secure. Your pipe-cleaner should now be the shape of a fish (see picture below.) Thread one end of the card strip through the Pipe-cleaner and stick the two ends together. You now have a pipe-cleaner fish!

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