Peter Walks on Water

In the previous session we learned about a time when Jesus turned a little boy’s packed lunch into food for over five thousand people, with plenty of leftovers! In today's true story from The Bible we are going to hear about another miracle that Jesus did to show that he was God. Let’s watch the video to see what happened:


Story Video:

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Time to Think and Pray


  • When the disciples went out on the boat, what happened to the weather?

  • When the disciples saw Jesus walking towards them on the water, why were they afraid?

  • Why do you think Peter could walk on the water?

  • Why did Peter start to sink?

  • When the disciples realised that Jesus really was the Son of God, what did they do?



Jesus’ disciples were on their fishing boat on the Sea of Galilee when suddenly the weather started to get very stormy! The wind and rain were thrashing the boat around and they were scared. They were even more scared when they saw someone walking towards the boat on the water! Surely this was impossible, so they thought it must be a ghost! They were terrified! But Jesus spoke to them and told them not to be afraid. Realising that it was Jesus, Peter decided that he wanted to walk on the water too! He got out of the boat and started to walk on the water just like Jesus did. He could do this because he trusted in Jesus and knew that nothing was impossible with him. But when he looked around him at the storm, he started to feel worried. Peter’s fear took over and he started to sink! He called out to Jesus for help and Jesus helped him up and brought him back to the boat. Then the disciples realised that Jesus really was the Son of God and they bowed down and worshipped him!

Even though it is very easy to be worried or afraid, we never need to feel that way when we are friends with Jesus. If we trust in him he will take care of us. We can call out to him at any time and ask him to help us to not be scared anymore. He is always with us.


Prayer: Dear Lord, thank you that you are so amazing you can do anything. You can even walk on water! Please help us to trust you to take care of us and not to be afraid because you are with us. Amen.


This Week's Song: Be Happy!





This Week's Crafts: Big Feet and Wave Bottle Activity


Big Feet

You will need: Cardboard, black marker, scissors and pipe-cleaners or string.

Follow the instructions on woojr to make your big stomping feet!

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Wave Bottle Activity

You will need: A clear plastic bottle, white vinegar, blue food colouring and oil (baby, canola or vegetable).

Follow the instructions on agirlandagluegun and have fun making your wave bottle science experiment!

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