The Thankful Leper

We have learned over the past few sessions that Jesus can do anything and that nothing is impossible for him because he is God! In this story, Jesus heals some men who had a skin sickness called leprosy. Let’s watch the video to see what happened:


Story Video:

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Time to Think and Pray


  • How many men did Jesus heal?

  • How many men came back to thank Jesus?

  • Why is it important to thank Jesus/God?

  • Do you ever say ‘thank you’ to God? What things do you thank God for?



Jesus saw ten men who had leprosy. Leprosy is a horrible skin disease that was quite common back in the time when Jesus was on earth. People thought that they could catch leprosy from someone who had it so it was very lonely for those who suffered with it because they had to stay away and weren't allowed to see their friends and families. No one would go near them and they were treated badly. The ten men and the disciples were shocked when Jesus wanted to help them because normally people would keep their distance! Jesus told the men to go and show themselves to the priests at the temple and, as they went, their leprosy disappeared. They were healed! They were so happy that they forgot to go back and thank Jesus for what he had done. They just wanted to celebrate! But one man remembered to go back to Jesus to say 'Thank you'. This man did the right thing because he had faith in Jesus!

It’s easy to forget to say, ‘Thank you’ to God when we are caught up in celebrating. But it’s very important to thank him for all the good things he gives us. Jesus loves us so much, and he loves to give us what we need when we ask him. He also loves it when we thank him! He gives us so much to be thankful for every day: a home to live in, food and water, clothes to wear, friends and family and so many other things. What could you thank God for today?


Prayer: Dear Lord, thank you that you love us so much and always give us what we need. Please help us to appreciate everything you give us and to remember to give you the thanks that you deserve. Amen.


This Week's Song: Creator God





This Week's Crafts: Thankful Hearts and Shaving Foam Marbled Hearts


Thankful Hearts

You will need: Colouring pens or pencils, a stapler or glue stick and a copy of the printable template.

Print  a copy of the template. There are two to choose from. Follow the instructions on the template to complete your Thankful Heart activity. It is good to remember to thank God each day for the things he gives us!

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Shaving Foam Marbled Hearts

You will need: Shaving foam, food colouring (or paint), a plastic tray, a chopstick or a small lolly stick, a piece of cardboard, and a copy of the printable template.

Print copies of the heart template. There are different sizes to choose from. Cut out your hearts. Follow the instructions from firstpalette to create your marbled hearts! Maybe you could make one into a card to give to someone for Valentine’s Day?

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