Make a Christingle at home before you watch to join in the fun! See below for details of what you will need. If you can't make one, don't worry. You can still watch without one or if you have a candle at home you can use that instead!


Make a Christingle 

You will need: A large orange; a small candle (a birthday cake candle will do), a small square of tin foil; 4 cocktail sticks; some sweets or dried fruit; a piece of red tape (or red ribbon and a glue stick).

1. Carefully make a hole in the top of your orange. Place a square of foil over the hole and push the candle down into the orange until it is secure.

2. Crumple the foil up around the candle to catch any wax that drips.

3. Place the red tape or ribbon around the orange.

4. Add a few sweets or pieces of dried fruit to each cocktail stick and push them into your orange.

You are now ready to take part in our online Christingle! Have matches or a lighter ready but don't light your candle yet as we will do that together as part of the event

Please be very careful. Children should be seated at all times and must be supervised by an adult whilst holding a Christingle.   


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