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Apple Printing

You will need: Apples; white paper; paints; a paint brush and a piece of kitchen towel. If you want to add leaves, pips and stalks to your finished painting you will also need some green paper and a brown pen. As this craft is messy be sure to do your printing on a newspaper or plastic tablecloth, and wear an apron or an old shirt.

Ask an adult to cut the apple in half. If you cut the apple straight down you will be able to see the pips. But if you cut the apple across horizontally you should see a star shape in the middle. Remove any pips. Dab your apple with the paper towel to dry it first, then add paint with the brush. Try not to get paint inside the holes where the pips or star have been to ensure these shapes come out in your printing. Once the paint is dry, draw  stalks and pips on your apples with brown pen and add green paper leaf shapes if desired. Have fun!


Fruit Tree Boxes

You will need: A  small box with a lid; pens or paint to decorate your box; fruit beads; a gluestick; tissue paper for inside your box, and a pair of scissors. If you cannot get fruit beads you could use small balls of coloured tissue to make your fruits.

Decorate your box either by painting it or by colouring with pens. You may like to draw a tree on the top of your box as we did in this example. When your box is ready (let wet paint dry before continuing), glue the fruit beads to the top of the box with the gluestick, using plenty of glue to ensure they stick well. Cut a square of tissue paper to tuck inside your box to make it look pretty and fix it down with a few dabs of glue. Trim off the edges with scissors. What will you keep inside? 


Fruit Basket Magnets

You will need: A basket template; colouring pens or pencils; scissors; fruit stickers, a magnet; and a gluestick.

Colour in your basket template and cut it out. Add fruit stickers then fix a magnet to the back with the gluestick, using plenty of glue to ensure it sticks well.


Rainbow Bead Keyrings

You will need: A piece of elastic or thread, coloured beads and a keyring.

Fruit comes in all colours of the rainbow so we thought a rainbow keyring would be fun! See what fruits you can think of that are the colour of your beads as you thread them. First fold the elastic in half to find the centre then tie a bead (we used bells) in the middle. Hold the two ends of elastic back together again, and thread your beads down. The bead (or bell) in the centre should stop any beads falling off. Leave a length of elastic at the top to tie around your keyring.


Summer Fruit Pencil Holders

You will need: An empty tin can which is clean and dry. Cans with ring-pulls should not be used as they leave a sharp edge inside the can which could be dangerous. Please ensure your tin can is safe from sharp edges before using. You will also need: coloured paper; scissors, a glue-stick and colouring pens. 

Decide what fruit you want to use for your design. Cut a piece of coloured paper to the correct size to cover your tin can and glue in place. Glue more colours to your can if needed and decorate. Use green paper to make leaves to add to the inside. For help and ideas see the link below from Red Ted Art.

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Paper Plate Fruits

You will need: Coloured paper plates, coloured paper; scissors; a pencil; a gluestick; a straw or lolly-stick (optional), and circular objects to draw around (ie: a small plate and cup). A black Sharpie would be useful for drawing seeds. For a longer craft you can use white paper plates and paint them yourself.

Decide on which colour base plate and coloured papers you will need to make your choice of fruit. Measure the inside of your plate against a small plate or bowl and draw around it onto your coloured paper to make the centre colours. Glue your paper to the paper plate and add seeds and other details with a pen. Glue a straw or lolly-stick to the back of your finished plate to make it into a fan to cool you in the hot weather. Add rolling eyes to give your plates fun expressions!

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3D Paper Fruits

You will need: The printable template (see below); a pair of scissors and a glusetick.

These wonderful free templates from make great 3D paper fruits and there are many different fruits to choose from. Print the pre-coloured or black and white version, depending on whether you prefer to decorate the fruit yourselves. You need 6 of each picture to make each 3D fruit (there are already 6 on each template). Cut them out, fold in half and glue together as per the instructions. Have fun!

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Fruit of the Spirit Ribbon Hangers

You will need: Colouring pens or pencils; scissors, a gluestick; and a copy of the printable template from Catholic Icing. St. James Church has bought this template for use in our children's clubs so if you are on our register please contact the Children's Worker to receive your free copy.

Colour your fruits and dove and cut them out. Stick to a length of ribbon with glue or sellotape. Hang and admire!

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Fruit of the Spirit Pie

You will need: Colouring pens or pencils; scissors, a gluestick; a split pin; and a copy of the printable template. St. James has bought this template for St. James children so if you are on our register please contact the Children's Worker to receive your free copy.

Colour the two parts of your pie template. Cut cut them out and place them together. Punch a hole in the centre and add a split pin to hold them together. Enjoy learning the fruits of the Spirit as you turn your pie!

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