Pumpkin Page

Pumpkin design from www.perishandfade.com  made for St. James by Carol Burt

Check out the video above for pumpkin page fun with Rev Rob and Beth including a Bible story; quiz and challenges!


Story Video:

Video by https://saddleback.com


Click the image below to visit www.perishandfade.com and print this great colouring sheet of our memory verse 


Beth's Pumpkin Spice Muffins (Gluten Free and Vegan)

Click on the image below for the recipe. (If you prefer a recipe that uses regular wheat flour, try these Pumpkin Muffins from lovelylittlekitchen)



Click the image below to print a wordsearch on our story





Mini Paper Lanterns

You will need: Card or paper, scissors, double-sided tape or a gluestick, milk bottle caps (one per lantern), a knife, cutting board and ruler for scoring, LED tealights, and a copy of the printable template. You could also use decorative tape (ie:washi tape) to decorate the top if you have it.

Print a copy of the template and follow the instructions on www.thecrafttrain.com to make your lanterns.


Stained Glass Jars

You will need: A clear glass jar, PVA glue, a paint brush, coloured tissue paper, scissors and an LED tealight.

Cut your coloured tissue paper into little squares. Using the paint brush, brush a thin layer of PVA glue onto the inside of the jar. Stick on squares of coloured tissue until the inside is covered. Carefully paint a thin layer of glue over the tissue paper and leave the jar to dry. Once dry add an LED tealight to your jar and watch the colours light up! Check out this craft on https://momspark.net/.


Paper Spiders

You will need: Black paper, white paper (for eyes), a black pen, a skewer or thin stick, and a gluestick. 

Check out the video from Paper Magic below to see how to make your spider.




Below are two ideas for making lighthouses from recycled items you may have at home. See what you can find and make up your own ideas!


Pringle Tube Lighthouse

Use whatever you can find at home: This craft  was made using a Pringles type tube, red and white paper, a clear plastic cup; white card and an LED tea light. You will also need scissors and a gluestick. Click the image below for pictures of how to make it on http://kiflieslevendula.blogspot.com

Craft by http://kiflieslevendula.blogspot.com

Mini Lighthouse from a Plastic Cup

Use whatever you can find at home: This craft  was made using: White tape, a large coloured plastic cup, a regular clear plastic cup, black card or paper, a glue stick, and an LED tealight.

Follow the instructions on familyembellishments.blogspot.com to make your lighthouse!


Paper Plate Sailboat

We have used this craft before in our clubs and it makes great little boats!

You will need: A small paper plate, a lolly stick or skewer, a small cardboard roll, coloured paper, a gluestick, scissors, a stapler or sellotape, and pens or buttons etc to decorate (optional). If you want a coloured boat you could paint your plate or use a pre-coloured plate.

Follow the instructions on www.firstpalette.com to make your sailboats!




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